Francophone Education


Experience and understanding
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“Why?” That’s what some people ask me when I say that I work as a consultant in the field of minority francophone education.

The short answer is this: Because I get it. I understand parents — including non-francophone parents — because I’m one, too. I’ve lived the dreams, the frustrations, the hopes, the letdowns, the surge of parental pride… And my experiences cover the entire schooling spectrum, from preschool to graduation.

Besides having firsthand knowledge, I’ve also met thousands of parents across the country through my workshops. Like many of them, my francophone spouse and I always wanted our girls to become bilingual. Today, as they approach adulthood, they’re fully fluent in both of Canada’s official languages.


Every child attending a francophone school outside Quebec has the potential to do likewise. I work with parents and educators to help youngsters realize this potential.

The fact that I’ve also learned French enables me to connect with all parents, as well as with people at every level of the francophone education system. I know the challenges that educators tackle every day, the issues facing principals and other administrators, and the decisions that elected representatives are called on to make.

In short, I’m uniquely positioned to help parents, educators, administrators and trustees work together to ensure that students get the most out of their francophone education.