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My Services
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I offer a variety of services — in both official languages — to stakeholders at all levels of the education system, as well as to parent groups and other organizations throughout Canada. These generally involve speaking, facilitating workshops, training resource people and writing.


I’ve given many presentations over the years, ranging from informal classroom talks to keynote speeches at provincial and national conventions. I always tailor my presentations to each audience’s needs.

Facilitating workshops 

Since 2001, I’ve developed and facilitated workshops for parents, teachers, students, principals, administrators and trustees. Many have lasted a couple of hours (the workshops, that is, not the participants!), some a couple of days. The duration and content depend on the outcome each group is aiming to achieve. I make sure that all participants at my workshops have a chance to share their experiences, ideas, challenges and solutions.

Training resource people

I’ve partnered with parent associations and school boards in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario to train teams of resource people whose mandate is to help parents get involved in their children’s education. The team approach makes it possible to offer more services to more people.


Considering the amount of content I’ve created for this website and for my various publications, you’ve probably (and rightly) guessed that I enjoy writing. I’ve also produced a variety of documents for clients, including a series of articles for Alberta’s Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord school board that you can find here.

A global approach

Although I can provide all these services separately, I strongly believe that a global approach is by far the most effective way to help parents. You’ll find a detailed explanation of what I mean here. This is a more formal document intended for administrators and trustees, but I’ve translated it into English for your reading pleasure (or in case you’re having trouble sleeping). Take a look at it if you want to know what your school board could be doing for you!