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My FrancoZone
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My FrancoZone (“Ma FrancoZone” in French) is the name of an innovative project being piloted by the Alliance des femmes de la francophonie canadienne (AFFC) in order to inform and motivate francophone mothers to speak French in their homes, and to help them create the conditions to make it happen. The AFFC has developed workshops, prepared bilingual resources and set up a forum to encourage participants and their spouses to apply the FrancoZone concept in their daily family life.

This initiative focuses on increasing the opportunities for children of francophone mothers to hear and speak French. The various forms that FrancoZones can take reflect each family’s reality, including parents’ different comfort levels in French. To succeed, both parents must be ready and willing to discuss, share responsibility, agree to compromise, and make a commitment.

My FrancoZone will help francophone mothers by…

  • making them more aware of their vital role in passing on French to their children
  • providing them with information and opportunities to share their stories
  • making the use of French in day-to-day family life a normal occurrence.


The objectives of the project are to…

  • expand the place that French occupies in the lives of francophone mothers and their families
  • increase the transmission of French to children in mixed francophone/non-francophone households
  • reinforce the importance of mothers passing on French as a mother tongue to their children.


A key element of the FrancoZone approach, which is easily adapted to a variety of contexts, is that it helps families create a non-threatening environment for parents who don’t yet master French but still wish to practise it. Another group of parents who can benefit from this project are francophones who, at some point in their family tree, lost French as a mother tongue but want to bring it back for their children.

My FrancoZone will help francophone women, families and communities in a minority setting to make French an important part of their daily life, in order that their children learn the language and acquire francophone culture. This project will also provide data on the influence and impact of a community that actively encourages families to expand their horizons.