Francophone Education


Welcome to the FrancoZone
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Here’s a question for you: How can francophone parents, regardless of where they live in Canada, make sure their children learn to speak French?

I think I can guess your answer: “Speak French to them!” It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it.

Yet for some francophone parents living outside Quebec, it’s easier said than done. Those parents get in the habit of speaking English to their kids, especially if their spouse is an anglophone. The end result: kids with francophone roots who grow into adults who don’t speak much French.

Now let’s bring things closer to home. If your spouse is a francophone and you speak another mother tongue, is your child learning French as well as English or perhaps another family language? In other words, is she or he on the path to full bilingualism?

If your answer is anything but an unqualified “Of course!”, perhaps it’s time to create a FrancoZone.

Framework for action

A FrancoZone is a space, time or regular activity where everything (or almost everything) happens in French. It provides a framework for families to develop habits that let francophone parents pass on their language and culture to their children. The concept can also be adapted to other contexts such as the school and the community.

Who benefits in a FrancoZone? First of all, the children. But their parents benefit, too — including parents who speak French and those who don’t.

If you’re the non-francophone half of a mixed couple and you want your child to become fluently bilingual, the advantage of the FrancoZone is that it respects how comfortable you feel hearing or speaking French.


In these FrancoZone pages, created in English for you and in French for your francophone spouse, you’ll find information, tips and testimonials. There’s also a forum that’s part of a national initiative spearheaded by the Alliance des femmes de la francophonie canadienne (AFFC), a women’s organization whose goal is to enhance the wellbeing of francophone women and girls living in a minority setting.

This is all intended to help you and your spouse create your own FrancoZones and pass on the lifelong gift of bilingualism to your child. Enjoy your visit and feel free to share your experiences with other parents in the same situation as you!