Francophone Education


Why FrancoZone?
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Why FrancoZone? There are several reasons, ranging from the many benefits of bilingualism to the worrying state of Canada’s minority francophone population.

Here’s what is happening: the overall number of francophones outside Quebec is increasing somewhat, but more slowly than the other components of the population. As a result, the relative weight of the francophone minority is steadily declining.

Now, maybe this doesn’t affect you directly, but it might have an impact on your spouse, your in-laws, and eventually your kids. It will also alter Canadian society over time.

Some people take solace from the protection of minority-language education that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides. Yet provincial and territorial governments continue to stifle francophones’ efforts to offer an education equivalent to that of the majority, forcing school boards and parent groups to seek legal recourse.

Every such lawsuit consumes valuable financial and human resources. While governments can afford to drag out court cases for years without serious repercussions, francophone communities simply cannot.

Another aspect of life outside Quebec is the fact that the majority of francophone parents have spouses whose mother tongue isn’t French. And many of those francophone parents speak English at home, including with their kids.

All of this suggests that the future of Canada’s francophone population outside Quebec is far from certain.

Surprisingly, very few concrete, comprehensive measures have been proposed to help reverse this trend. FrancoZone is a notable exception, because it’s a systematic, long-term approach that enables you to help your child become bilingual, which in turn strengthens the francophone community.

FrancoZone goes well beyond the emotional awareness-raising speeches that have been standard fare on the speaking circuit for years now. It recognizes and respects you as a key actor in every aspect of your child’s upbringing, rather than just a bit player in a French-language play.

FrancoZone provides a framework for you and your spouse to make the enlightened decisions and long-term commitments that reflect your priorities and your reality.

FrancoZone is a down-to-earth concept, an approach that can be adapted to a variety of contexts, a way of life that helps families achieve their linguistic and cultural goals.

Ultimately, non-francophone parents like you will help determine the future of Canada’s minority francophone population. But don’t adopt the FrancoZone approach for that reason. Do it for your child.