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Academic success — in English too!
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It’s only natural that parents — especially anglophone parents — wonder if the francophone school can prepare their children to study in English-language colleges, technical schools or universities. After all, the kids in the francophone system learn everything in French! They should at least have trouble in English Language Arts, since those courses are designed for anglophones.

The results of francophone school boards across Canada often show that parents need not worry. For example, the following press release should go a long way to reassuring the parents of kids attending a francophone school in British Columbia:

CSF students achieve unequivocal academic success

(Richmond, November 9, 2012) The British Columbia Ministry of Education has just published the results of final provincial required exams written last June by high school students of all schools in the province, both anglophone and francophone.

These required examinations test the knowledge of Grade 10, 11 and 12 students in a number of important subjects, including mathematics, sciences, social studies and English First Language.

Once again this year, the students of the Conseil scolaire francophone distinguished themselves by achieving results that are generally higher than or comparable to the results of students in anglophone schools in the province. This year’s results confirm the trend already seen in 2009-2010 and in 2010-2011.

The differentiation is all the more remarkable in that it is particularly evident in English exam results, where francophone students in the CSF attained higher grades than other students in the province. The distribution of grades for all students who wrote the Grade 10 English First Language exams indicate that only 68% of these students received a C+, a B or an A, whereas 85% of students in the Conseil scolaire francophone received a C+, a B or an A on the same exam.

Grades for students in the CSF are generally higher in Social Studies 11, with an average of 81% compared to 68% for students in anglophone schools; in Science with an average of 67% compared to 64%, and finally in Foundations of Mathematics, with an average of 71% compared to 63% for anglophone students.

With regard to exams in French First Language, historically, CSF students have always achieved very high grades in this subject. However, in 2011-2012, the achievement is beyond expectations! The average grade for francophone students in French First Language 12 is 82%. The trend over recent years has been in the 70% range.

For Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, CSF President, this data attests to the quality of the programs provided by the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique. “These are concrete results that can help reassure parents who are wondering if the francophone program is capable of preparing their children for postsecondary studies and anglophone universities. These statistics are a clear demonstration of the facts and we are very proud of them!”