Francophone Education


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Chances are (since you’re reading this), you’re a member of the lucky majority — that is to say, the majority of parents whose kids can or do attend a francophone school somewhere in Canada outside Quebec. That’s because most parents who are entitled to have their children educated in French as a first language (your spouse, perhaps?) are in mixed francophone/non-francophone relationships.

Sure, the francophone education system is still home to couples where both parents are francophones, but it’s also the schooling chosen by single-parent families, francophones who have lost their French, recent arrivals to Canada, and some non-francophone couples. Minority francophone school communities are much more diverse than they were a decade or two ago.


Many parents want their children to become fluently bilingual, but don’t know how to make that happen. They have a lot of questions, including:

  • Should a child learn one language at a time?
  • What happens in the brain as babies grow?
  • What are the schooling options for children with at least one francophone parent?
  • How can non-French-speaking parents help their youngsters learn French?


If you’re one of those parents, you’ll find answers to these questions — and to many more — in a new book written in English just for you: Fusion.

This handy, easy-to-read paperback is full of information for parents whose children can or do attend a minority francophone school anywhere in Canada.


With over 50 illustrations and graphics, Fusion is entertaining and very user-friendly! It’s divided into bite-size sections filled with humour and down-to-earth tips. There’s also an index so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

Fusion replaces the very popular 120-page book I’m with you!, published in 2002 and enjoyed by some 6,000 Canadian parents. Thousands more have read an abridged version that can still be found in many schools.

Want to know more about Fusion?


Click here to see the cover page featuring an original illustration by François Richardier.

Take a look at the Table of Contents, and you’ll see what I mean by bite-size sections that make Fusion so easy to read!

Fusion delves into the strange word exogamy — but that doesn’t mean keeping a straight face!

Your toddler’s brain develops at an amazing pace. Click here to see the first page of the chapter that explores this fascinating world.

Did I mention that Fusion is fun to read? Even research can be entertaining when it’s presented with a smile!

Once you’ve read Chapter 5, you’ll know the differences between various types of French-language education. You’ll also know as much about francophone education as virtually any French-speaking parent in Canada!

Homework is often a concern for parents, especially for those who don’t speak French. Fusion takes a straightforward approach to the question, starting here.

Fusion is written for parents, but its focus is definitely on children. Here’s an example of what this means.

If any of this strikes a chord, then Fusion is the book for you!


Oh, about those flags…


Fusion contains some interesting facts about every province and territory outside Quebec. Among other things, it features the francophone flag for each — though they appear in black, white and shades of grey. That’s why I promised, on page 151, to show readers the flags in all their glorious colour on my website. And that’s exactly what you’ll find right here!