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Fusion - An a-maze-ing story
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An a-maze-ing story  Imagine a vast maze made up of virtually limitless channels that wind around, double back, crisscross, and come together at every conceivable angle and from every possible direction. Now add a steady stream of vehicles of every size and shape, driven by single-minded (if not crazily obsessed) individuals, each with one goal: to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible.  As you might expect, all this frenzied activity has a major impact on the maze: certain routes get widened into freeways to accommodate heavier traffic flow, timesaving shortcuts are opened up between other channels, and less-travelled lanes eventually become dead ends. Now, some of you might think we’re describing Toronto’s road system. Not so! Rather, this is an illustration of what’s happening inside your child’s brain as he or she grows. Babies are born with billions of neurons—cells that transmit information throughout the body’s nervous system [ … ]