Francophone Education


Fusion - French Immersion and Core French
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French immersion  French immersion is designed for children who don’t have francophone family roots. The goal in an immersion program is to learn French as a second language. French is the language of instruction for a significant portion of each school day, although the amount varies from one program to another. Immersion begins with a focus on language acquisition so that students can learn to speak and read French well enough to study other subjects in that language. They also take the English Language Arts curriculum and other courses in English. When they complete an immersion program, students can expect to be functionally fluent in French (able to live, work and pursue postsecondary studies in French). In addition, they’ll have gained an understanding and appreciation of francophone culture. Core French  Like immersion, “core French” or “basic French” instruction is designed for children with a family heritage other than French. In this program, however, French is taught as a subject, like math, social studies, English and science. French is used in the classroom as the main language of communication, and students develop their knowledge and abilities through different themes or projects.