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Fusion - Homework
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Homework  When asked about the challenges of having their children attend a francophone school, many non-French-speaking parents immediately answer “homework.”   There’s no denying that French-speaking spouses are generally better able to help with homework. This is something both parents should realize before enrolling their children in a francophone school.  And yet… and yet… non-francophone spouses can help much more than many of them realize. The old standbys  First, let’s trot out the old standbys: Math and English. Take a few minutes to learn how to say numbers and some mathematical operations in French, and you’ll be able to help your kids for a few years without having to return to school yourself. After a while, though, you might have some difficulty—as will more than a few francophone parents, since the teaching of math is constantly evolving.  As for English, if it’s your mother tongue, it’s probably one of your children’s mother tongues, too. You have enough material right there to be happily busy helping them for as long as they’re in school.  There, we’ve covered the two subjects that come up whenever non-francophone parents ask how they can get involved in their children’s homework. But make no mistake: with effort and dedication on your part, those two subjects can keep you busy for a long time.  Now for a deeper look at this question…