Francophone Education


Fusion - In your child's shoes
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One of the most basic things parents can do is take an active interest in their children’s education. It sounds too simple, but the effects of encouraging—or not encouraging—children are deep and long-lasting.  Keep this story [on page 122 in the book] in mind when you’re wondering how to get involved in your child’s schooling; it might be easier than you think to have a positive impact!  In your child’s shoes  By now, you probably have an idea of what to expect if you enrol your child in a francophone school. For example, you likely know that all the instruction takes place in French except for English Language Arts and other language courses. But what exactly does that mean for your child? Let’s try on his or her shoes… Children attending a francophone school need to master French because that’s the language in which they’re taught. Their education is also geared not only to academic success but to the development of a francophone identity.  If you were in your child’s shoes, how much French would you want to know? To help you answer, we’ve prepared a little exercise: it’s a table for you to fill in, followed by a brief explanation of what the three categories mean.