Francophone Education


It’s time for something new!
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Every fall, copies of a purple booklet called I’m with you! Guide to the World of Francophone Education for Exogamous Families sprout up, like a late-summer crop of weeds, in francophone schools across Canada.

All the content in the mini-book was taken from the original 120-page version of I’m with you!, which I wrote in 2001–2002. That makes it a decade old! Considering that the original no longer exists (having been replaced by Fusion), this little book has become sadly out of date and out of touch with today’s reality.

It’s time for something new! We need something that will help all parents — whether or not they speak French and regardless of how long they’ve been in the system — to navigate through the world of francophone education. Something that’s available in both official languages. Something that (unlike the old booklet) focuses less on exogamy and scholarly elucidation, and more on the day-to-day issues facing all parents.

It’s your turn…

I’m already working on this new publication, the paper version of which will be about 30 pages (there may also be an electronic version). But instead of choosing all the content myself, I’m inviting you to tell me what you’d like to see in a handbook on francophone education, including:

  • subjects to be covered
  • illustrations, graphs, statistics
  • explanations or clarifications
  • title and subtitle
  • anything else you’d like to have at your fingertips in order to live a great educational experience with your child.

I’ll use your ideas to make the new publication as informative and relevant as possible.

… starting today!

Even though I already have a fair bit of material, there’s still room for your ideas. But that doesn’t mean you should wait! I’m aiming to send the manuscript to the printer’s soon.

If you enjoy writing or drawing, feel free to send me your own texts or illustrations. My esteemed editor and I will be responsible for the final product, of course, but we’ll give credit to everyone whose material we use.