Francophone Education


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There was a time in Canada when most parents who could enrol their kids in minority francophone schools were in couples made up of two francophones. But those days are gone. Today, the majority of parents who can have their children educated in French as a first language are in mixed francophone/non-francophone relationships.

There are also single parents and francophones who have lost French as a family language, as well as newcomers to this country and some non-francophone couples who want their children to master French.

The world of minority francophone education in Canada is changing radically. And with it comes the need to welcome and support a wide variety of parents, not all of whom speak French. That’s the reason for this website and for all the services I offer as a consultant.

Welcome to Francophone Education in Canada, which takes over where left off. I hope you’ll find this site relevant, fun and useful!

Glen Taylor