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Fusion - Exogamie
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Why such a fuss over a simple word?  We’re making all this fuss in order to make a couple of points. First of all, exogamy is often used—and misused—as a simple word, whereas in fact it describes a highly complex reality. Considering that the very notion of francophone is increasingly open to interpretation, a word like exogamy, with its imperfect definition, should be used with care. The decision to form a mixed couple, and then a family, can be more complicated than one might think. In the past, it was often greeted with dismay, disappointment and even hostility from people on all sides. It can still elicit similar reactions today, though they seem to occur much less frequently. Gone are the days when people wouldn’t dare venture outside their own village, community, clan or tribe!   While exogamy makes life interesting in a hundred ways for couples as well as their immediate and extended families, the growing number of mixed households is also having a significant impact on French-language schools and francophone communities across the country.